Monday, October 25, 2004

Correction from Paul Lukasiak 

Received via e-mail from the author of The AWOL Project:
Well, the good news is that we now know precisely what PTI 961 meant. The bad news is that it meant "change of residence".

Its literal meaning is "Loss to USAFR - Discharged due to change in residence."

The error was made because "change of residence" is not among the criteria
listed for discharges in ANGR 36-05, the "authority" cited by the Texas Air
National Guard on Bush's discharge form.

The AWOL Project, as a member of the Reality Based Community, apologizes for the
error and any resultant confusion.

please alert your readers to this correction!

We second Mr. Lukasiak's apologies and remind readers that the AWOL Project is in its current form "a working draft for comment," identified as such in the disclaimer on each page. It goes without saying that we very much appreciate his commitment to accuracy and his willingness to correct an error when he makes one.

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