Thursday, October 21, 2004

The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight 

Far be it from us to denigrate an ally by discounting their sacrifices (as the President might say), but it sounds as though Tony Blair & co. may have lent us the sort of crack fighting force that's traditionally deployed to places like Gallipoli:
Nearly 1,000 Territorial Army soldiers were sent to fight in Iraq despite failing their weapons test, a court martial heard today.

A total of 949 part-time soldiers failed to achieve the required standard or were trained by instructors who had not passed the test themselves. But because the figures were only based on records over an eight-month period, the number could have been as high as 2,300, the court was told.

The figure was revealed during the court martial of reservist Lance Corporal Ian Blaymire [a plumber from Leeds, age 23], who is charged with the manslaughter of a colleague while serving in Iraq.

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