Monday, October 04, 2004

Hey! It's a Kind of Disease 

Distinguished colleague Tom Schaller of The Gadflyer, you are a mean, mean man:
We saw The Scowl, The Fidget, The Eye-Roll and The Grimace. We heard the ten repetitions that fighting terrorists and securing America's homeland is "hard work." We heard another seven repetitions of "wrong war, wrong place, wrong time" – which only reinforced the notion that Iraq was a mistake more than they debunked it. And then, in a transparent attempt to pretend that the President Bush wasn't incoherent, unsure and ill-prepared, we heard conservatives desperately try to score last Thursday's presidential debate a "tie."

The President revealed something far darker during those ninety minutes in Miami. He proved that a man is never totally cured of his addictions, and that his alcohol dependency has transmuted into a public drunkenness with his own power. Without the enabling of staffers at work and the adoring audiences on the campaign trail who shield and worship him, Bush stammered and stumbled through a sobering debate in Coral Gables . . . .

He blurted, blundered and blameshifted, even pointing the finger at the Republican Congress for those record-setting deficits. Is it any wonder that, when pressed to cite a single mistake at his last press conference, he couldn't think of anything?

Kerry was a one-man political intervention in Miami. When the Senator challenged the President's facts, assertions and decisions, Bush showed what kind of president – and person – he really is: insular, immodest, irascible and intoxicated with the idea of his own imperial presidency. He showed that he is twelve steps away from reforming his presidency. The American people will have to decide whether they can enable him any more.
Meaner than a pit bull with a pine cone up its ass, we tell you; meaner even than the guy who stuck it there.

May we buy you a drink?

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