Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Hott, or Nott? 

Via Zemblan patriot D.R.B.: We have previously remarked on the undeniable (and, by our lights, distressing) fact that the presidential race to date has been all about the Johnsons. Since millions of citizens will undoubtedly mark their ballots in favor of the candidate who strikes them as the "manlier" or, as we like to say around Zembla, more puissant of the two, we take this opportunity to ask you, in the interest of balance, to consider casting your vote for the ticket that, in your personal (and needless to say, very, very private) opinion, looks more fetching in drag:

Bush-Cheney (frumpish, dowdy, captious, and -- in the case of Ms. Cheney -- quite possibly gay)? Or . . . .

. . . Kerry-Edwards (fun-loving, frolicsome, vivacious, and -- in the case of Ms. Edwards -- quite plainly looking forward to Fleet Week)?

You be the judge. We know what floats our boat.

(N.B.: The images above arrived unbidden in our inbox. If any loyal Zemblans can identify the hardworking Photoshop artist who created them, we would be only too happy to post his or her name.)  Posted by Hello

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