Tuesday, October 26, 2004

How Did We Get Here Again? 

Planning to celebrate (or commiserate) with friends next Tuesday night? You might want to push the party back a week or two (or six, or ten) and go to bed early instead. From the AP wire:
Six in 10 of those surveyed in an Associated Press poll say it's likely there will not be a clear winner in the presidential race by Nov. 3 the day after the election and fear the results will be challenged in court. The poll was conducted for the AP by Ipsos Public Affairs.

Both Democrats and Republicans worry about the possibility of an unresolved election though Democrats express more worries. About seven in 10 Democratic voters, 69 percent, say they think it's likely there won't be a clear winner by Election Day, while almost six in 10 Republican voters, 56 percent, say they feel that way.

With both political parties putting thousands of lawyers on call for Election Day, a majority of both Democrats and Republicans just over half of each expect the election results will be challenged in court.

"I read the other day that there's going to be a perfect storm," Jack Martin, a businessman who lives near Salt Lake City, said of the growing number of lawsuits. "I think it's coming down to the courts. It worries me about our election system. I used to think every vote counts" . . . .

A majority say they are confident the vote count in their own state will be accurate. Fewer than half of Democrats say they are "very confident" their state's vote count will be accurate, while three-fourths of Republicans feel that way.

Florida in 2000 turned into a political and legal ground zero over a Bush-Gore recount. After 36 days, the U.S. Supreme Court handed Bush a 537-vote victory in Florida and, thus, the presidency.

More than half in the poll, 54 percent, say they think the vote count in Florida was not fair and accurate, with Republicans overwhelmingly saying it was and Democrats overwhelmingly saying it was not. Independents say by a 2-to-1 margin that it was not fair.

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