Friday, October 08, 2004

The Lockdown 

Not long ago our esteemed colleague Scorpio posted an item about a woman who purchased a Cat Stevens CD and less than two hours later received a call from Homeland Security inquiring about the nature of her interest in Yusuf Islam. We expressed due skepticism at the time because the woman's account seemed rather far-fetched: could Homeland Security personnel actually have that much time on their goddam hands?

After the flurry of stories we've read in the last couple of days, however, we plan to retire "far-fetched" from the imperial lexicon; there is plainly no arm of the federal government that the Bush administration is unwilling to use for intimidation and partisan gain. First up, a matching pair from No Capital:A third from Zemblan patriot T.C. and Susan Marshak of Suburban Guerrilla:(The above links, we should warn you, may not be working much longer, since IndyMedia sites are going down right and left.)

Last but not least: You know the story of Sue Niederer, the mother of a dead soldier who was arrested for displaying insufficient reverence during a Laura Bush stump speech. Here, via BuzzFlash, is a streaming-audio report by NPR's Nina Totenberg on how Bush & co. routinely deploy the feds to squelch dissent of any kind at campaign rallies and other Presidential events, including ones that are bankrolled by you the taxpayer.

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