Monday, October 25, 2004

Now at the Zemblan Multiplex 

Doug Ireland reports that Bush's Brain, the Karl Rove documentary by James Moore and Wayne Slater, will have its cable premiere on the Sundance Channel Monday, November 1 -- the eve of the election -- at 10:10 EST.

Meanwhile, Zemblan patriot J.D. informs us that the French documentary The World According to Bush can be viewed in streaming video here. (It appears to be a pirated version: the image quality is quite poor and the sound is out of sync -- three good reasons to order the DVD instead.)

Also from J.D., news of a French-Canadian co-production you're not likely to see on your local Sinclair affiliate -- The Trial of Saddam Hussein:
The 43-minute film begins with frank and graphic highlights of Saddam's brutal reign. But it soon delves into a history of collusion going back to the cataclysmic Iran-Iraq war of the 1980s, when Washington, fully aware that Saddam was using mustard and nerve gas against Iranian civilians, calculated that it was better to keep backing him as the lesser of two evils . . . .

The film shows a meeting between then US ambassador April Glaspie and Saddam eight days before the invasion [of Kuwait in 1990] in which she assures him that Washington will take "no position in the event of any border conflict between Iraq and Kuwait."

Four months later, the United States and its allies unleashed the first Gulf War, removing Saddam from Kuwait but leaving him in Baghdad to dispense new terror to his people, killing 300,000 Shiites who rose up against him at the encouragement of the first president George Bush, broadcast repeatedly on Iraqi radio.

The damaging consequences of 12 years of international sanctions against Iraq, during which at least half a million children under five died of disease, according to the UN childrens fund (UNICEF), are also examined in the film.

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