Wednesday, October 13, 2004

The President's Hump 

Dave Lindorff of Salon is still wondering about that mysterious Presidential bulge:
On Tuesday, in response to repeated questions from Salon, the Bush camp finally issued a flat denial. Campaign spokesman Reed Dickens denied that Bush has ever used an electronic device to aid his public speaking, insisting the president was wearing "nothing during the debates." [Now that would have made for memorable television -- S.] When asked about the pictures taken at the Bush ranch, Dickens said the president has never used any devices except for cutting tools and earplugs to protect his ears from the high-decibel chainsaw. Nor has the Secret Service outfitted Bush with a hidden communications device, according to Dickens: "He doesn't need something like that because the Secret Service is always with him. They ride in the truck in the back. Wherever he goes, they're with him."

Of course we take campaign spokesperson Reed Dickens at his word, but that does leave us to wonder why Mr. Bush chooses to wear a large square box under his shirt as he drives his pickup (above left). What could it possibly be?Now that we think about it: has anyone considered the possibility that the President might be Iron Man?

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