Saturday, October 30, 2004

The Rajyogs Have It 

Via Zemblan patriots J.M. and J.D.: We're feeling ever so much better about the election. First, there was the fortune cookie that predicted long life, much happiness, and heavy minority turnout -- and now this:
INDIAN astrologers say that the planets favour Democratic candidate John Kerry to win the White House race over US President George W. Bush in next Tuesday's polls.

"For months opinion polls have shown the race between Bush and Kerry, his challenger, to be neck and neck," author and astrologer Lachhman Das Madan, who also heads the Astrology Study and Research Institute in Delhi, said.

"But the cosmic writ reveals Bush cannot become the president of the US again. On the other hand, Kerry's horoscope shows that Saturn is in the third house from the moon which is highly favourable," he said.

"The planets Mercury and Mars in the fifth and third house have exchanged positions. Success in competition is certain ... Kerry will be the new president" . . . .

[A]strologer and writer Abha Bansal, managing editor for the Future Samachar (Future News), said nothing could change Senator Kerry's destiny to rule.

"Kerry's horoscope shows that he was born to rule – he has a number of "rajyogs" (ruling signs) which are on the ascendant right now," the 45-year-old said . . . .

Another encouraging finding for Senator Kerry was that Indian astrologers considered he would point the United States in the right direction.

"Kerry's win will rejuvenate the United States and bring peace to the rest of the world," Delhi-based astrologer Gopi Krishna said.

"He set the country on a course correction. Kerry's White House spell will be good for peace in Iraq, the Middle East and Afghanistan," he said.

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