Wednesday, October 06, 2004

That Wacky Internet 

From the Washington Post, an uproarious article about some of the wild-assed looney-tune shit you're sure to see if you waste enough time surfing the World Wide Web:
The video, "9/11: Pentagon Strike," suggests that it was not American Airlines Flight 77 that slammed into the Pentagon, but a missile or a small plane.

With rock music as a backdrop, the video offers flashes of photographs taken shortly after impact, interspersed with witness accounts. The pictures seem incompatible with damage caused by a jumbo jet, and no one mentions seeing one. Red arrows point to unbroken windows in the burning building. Firefighters stand outside a perfectly round hole in a Pentagon wall where the Boeing 757 punched through; it is less than 20 feet in diameter . . . .

Williams created a Web site for the video, www.pentagonstrike.co.uk. Then he e-mailed a copy to Laura Knight-Jadczyk, an American author living in France whose books include one on alien abduction. Williams, 31, a systems analyst, belongs to an online group hosted by Knight-Jadczyk that blends discussions of science, politics and the paranormal.

On Aug. 23, Knight-Jadczyk posted a link to the video on the group's Web site, www.Cassiopaea.org. Within 36 hours, Williams's site collapsed under the crush of tens of thousands of visitors. But there were others to fill the void . . . .

The belief that the government is lying about the Sept. 11 attacks is coming from both the right and the left. Experts say more than suspicion of the Bush administration is at work.

"It seems that since the end of the Cold War, the enemy is the United States government, the enemy is within," said Rick Ross, whose Ross Institute of New Jersey monitors cults and other controversial groups, many of which see manipulative forces working behind the scenes.
We can only shake our heads in dismay when we think of the time and energy squandered by these pathetic crackpots in their chimerical pursuit of supposed "lies" and "manipulations" by our government. Especially at a time when most responsible Americans -- the ones who get their news from such unimpeachable sources as the New York Times and the Washington Post -- were quite properly concerned with quashing the awful threat posed by Saddam Hussein's nuclear program and his weapons of mass destruction.

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