Wednesday, October 06, 2004

We Regret the Error, Pt. MCLXVII 

From the Financial Times (courtesy of Talk Left):
Most of the prisoners being held at Guantánamo Bay, the US military base on Cuba, are expected to be released or transferred to their own countries, the deputy commander of the unit that runs the base has said . . . .

Some 200 detainees have been released since the first prisoners arrived at the base in early 2002. But Brig Gen Martin Lucenti, deputy commander of the joint task force that controls the base- including its legal proceedings - has said he expects most will be freed or extradited.

"Of the 550 that we have, I would say most of them, the majority of them, will either be released or transferred to their own countries," he told the FT.

"Most of these guys weren't fighting. They were running. Even if somebody has been found to be an enemy combatant, many of them will be released because they will be of low intelligence value and low threat status.

"We don't have a level of evidence to feel that we can be confident to prosecute them [all]. We have guys here who have never told us anything, except to say that they want to cut off the heads of the infidels if they get a chance," Gen Lucenti added.
Also from Talk Left, We Regret the Error, Pt. MCLXVIII: The state of Texas tonight executed Edward Green by lethal injection. Green's attorneys "lost a last appeal to stay his execution pending a review of 280 newly discovered misplaced boxes of evidence. Despite requests for a moratorium on Harris County executions from the police chief and a state senator, Texas Governor Perry refused to issue one." You may read up on the forensic swamp that is Harris County here.

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