Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Yanking His Cheney 

Via our revered colleague Avedon Carol: At the VP debate tonight, Swingin' Dick Cheney accused Sen. John Edwards of chronic absenteeism (would it be bad form to mention that Mr. Cheney's immediate superior, as of April 2004, had spent 42% of his presidency on vacation -- including the crucial month of August 2001, which he passed clearing brush in Crawford, TX, while the intelligence community was trying to put out the raging fires in its collective hair?). (Not that we begrudge the President his long sabbaticals.) The line that drew the longest, lowest, most shivery ooohs and aaahs from the highly accommodating streetwalkers who covered the debate for MSNBC was:
In my capacity as vice president, I am the president of the Senate, the presiding officer, I'm in the senate most Tuesdays in session. The first time I met you was when you walked on the stage tonight.
-- which raises the question: is there anything this putz won't lie about?

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UPDATE: There are some frisky hackers at work tonight. We just attempted to visit Factcheck.com, a site Mr. Cheney had recommended during the debate, where we were expecting to find plenty of good solid info refuting Sen. Edwards's sordid allegations against Halliburton. But somehow we wound up being redirected here instead.

UPDATE II: If you still can't get through to Factcheck.com, we're sure this site is every bit as good.

UPDATE III: Josh Marshall says that Cheney got the URL wrong; the site he meant to tout was not Factcheck.com, but Factcheck.org. Factcheck.com was apparently a dead URL until the Veep misspoke, at which point some opportunistic Bush-basher(s) swung into action.

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