Saturday, November 20, 2004

The Agonists of Ohio 

Courtesy of our venerated colleague Avedon Carol, the latest info on the Ohio recount effort. Keep in mind that the legal challenge described below cannot be implemented without a favorable ruling from the Ohio Supreme Court:
A trio of activist lawyers armed with mysteriously wrong exit polls and hundreds of voter horror stories announced plans Friday to contest Ohio's presidential election as soon as the vote is official.

Their challenge could lead to widespread reconsideration of dozens of alleged election irregularities around the state - from reported computerized voting glitches to provisional-ballot mishaps to unusual incidents involving voter rolls, poll workers and machine technicians . . . .

To qualify to reopen consideration of the election, Arnebeck said, the group needs find only 25 aggrieved electors and evidence of irregularities, both of which he and his associates have collected in abundance at hearings around the state, he said.

Another hearing is scheduled in Cleveland today.

Arnebeck said the national boards of the NAACP, Alliance for Democracy and Common Cause are reviewing requests to sign on to the litigation, which is not affiliated with either political party.

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