Thursday, November 18, 2004

Career Opportunities 

Our esteemed colleague Kerensky 97 of An Eye Opener read this --
The Army has encountered resistance from more than 2,000 former soldiers it has ordered back to military work, complicating its efforts to fill gaps in the regular troops.

Many of these former soldiers - some of whom say they have not trained, held a gun, worn a uniform or even gone for a jog in years - object to being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan now, after they thought they were through with life on active duty.

They are seeking exemptions, filing court cases or simply failing to report for duty, moves that will be watched closely by approximately 110,000 other members of the Individual Ready Reserve, a corps of soldiers who are no longer on active duty but still are eligible for call-up.

In the last few months, the Army has sent notices to more than 4,000 former soldiers informing them that they must return to active duty, but more than 1,800 of them have already requested exemptions or delays, many of which are still being considered.
-- and wrote this:
This scares me because I’m IRR right now, so I’m a part of the people being affected by this. Because of Bush’s war my life was disrupted for 3 years and I’ve just barely gotten back to where I was when I was before I was deployed (and if you think your life was disrupted staying here in the US, go to Iraq, you don’t know what you’re talking about). The Iraq war is a mess and since Bush isn’t willing to admit he made a mistake he’s going to send everybody in the military or related to the military to avoid asking for help. Including people who have been pissed off so much they left the service, and others who left years ago and started new lives. Now they’re being pulled away from their families so that Bush can fill the gaps left by our Ramadan Offensive in Fallujah . . . .

For those of you older than 30 remember the fun you had in your twenties and wonder if you would sacrifice them to sit in a foreign country wondering if death is a viable alternative to your current misery.

For those of you younger than 20 wonder if you get to look forward to spending your 21st birthday in a country rolling the dice to see if you get to celebrate your 22nd birthday.

For those of you who are in your twenties, ask yourself if you would be willing to give up your girlfriend, the parties, the weekend at the lake with your best buddies to leave and possibly never come back.

And for anybody who thinks Iraq is worth fighting or that I’m overreacting, ENLIST…PLEASE, I don't want to go back. The Army obviously needs the manpower and you can take my place fighting for a war YOU believe in.
We hate to belabor the obvious, but sometimes we just can't help it. Our distinguished colleague Richard Cranium of the All Spin Zone links to an underreported story from Military.com:
U.S. deaths in Iraq this month are approaching 100, making it the second-deadliest month since American forces invaded the country in March 2003, Pentagon records show.

The worst month was last April, with 135 deaths, when the insurgency intensified and U.S. Marines fought fierce battles in Fallujah, only to be withdrawn from the city. That was part of a failed attempt to put the now-defunct Fallujah Brigade of U.S. and allied Iraqi forces in charge.

Until now the second-deadliest month was November 2003 with 82 deaths, and 80 Americans died in May and September this year.
If you check your calendars, you will notice that November is, at this point, only 18 days old. And the article above was published yesterday.

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