Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Miracles So Cheap We're Practically Giving Them Away 

We were not a bit surprised by the following item, because we polled the royal court and by general consensus the visage miraculously toasted into the side of the sandwich was unmistakably that of Stevie Nicks:
A grilled cheese sandwich that a woman says bears the image of the Virgin Mary didn't sell for the thousands of dollars it looked like it might.

In the end, even though the high bid on eBay was for $28,000, Diana Duyser's sandwich went for just $71.

Duyser set up a pre-approval process for bids after receiving outlandish offers which, including the $28,000 bid, were determined not to be legitimate. The highest legitimate bid was reportedly $71.

Uncertain how to react to this item? Pity? Bemusement? Outrage? Take the BeliefNet Belief-o-Matic quiz (courtesy of Eric Alterman) and find out which set of dogmas should inform your response!

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