Saturday, November 13, 2004

Passing the Helmet 

It's true that Halliburton skims billions and private "security contractors" pull down a thousand-and-change a day, but that doesn't mean the Pentagon is neglecting the ordinary enlisted man, or his loved ones who are struggling to make ends meet while the family breadwinner serves out another extended tour of duty. Not at all; for, as our esteemed colleague Scorpio alerts us, the Pentagon in its princely generosity has established a program through which you the civilian can buy food for the financially-strapped families of servicemen and -women deployed overseas:
Individuals and organizations also can show their support to deployed troops and their families with gift certificates. The “Gift of Groceries” program allows anyone to purchase commissary gift certificates at http://www.commissaries.com or by calling toll free 1 (877) 770-GIFT. The Armed Services Exchanges offer the “Gift From the Homefront” gift certificate for merchandise at these exchange web sites: http://www.aafes.com and http://www.navy-nex.com or by calling toll free 1 (877) 770-GIFT. Gift certificates may be purchased to be mailed to servicemembers and family members or will be distributed to “any servicemember.” Only authorized commissary and exchange patrons may redeem the gift certificates at military commissaries and exchanges, including those stores supporting deployed personnel around the globe.
At the above site you can also find out how to donate prepaid phone cards to deployed or hospitalized troops through a program called "Help Our Troops Call Home." We would, of course, much rather help our troops come home, but that, alas, is beyond our puny powers to accomplish, and as you know, the holidays are nigh. If we don't help out, who will?

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