Sunday, November 07, 2004

Plain Speaking, Pt. I 

We dropped a line to Zemblan patriot D.R.B. -- how's the weather in Washington, D.C.? -- and he must have assumed we were speaking metaphorically, because this was his reply:
The re-election of George Bush is final confirmation that the great American experiment in democracy--based upon equality, justice, and individual liberty, and supported by freedom of the press, separation of church and state, and universal public education--has failed utterly in producing an electorate that can comprehend the principles upon which this country was founded or the responsibilities of citizenship in such a country.

The primary cause of that failure is one that the Founding Fathers foresaw and attempted to fortify the nation against--the incestuous collusion of political parties, religious factions, and the press to misinform and mislead the public about the true state of the nation in order to obtain and hold power over the people instead of fulfilling their very different roles in a democracy honestly and fairly. Washington warned against the formation of political parties; Jefferson passed in Virginia and advocated nationally a statute on religious freedom that stated in no uncertain terms that the power of government must not be used in support of any religion; and Benjamin Franklin extolled the necessity of a free press in a poem--"While free from Force the Press remains, Virtue and Freedom chear our Plains".

In his first term of office, and in this election, President Bush and his Administration lied egregiously to the American people; certain religious leaders misused their influence to propagate those lies; and a complicit press consistently reported those lies as truth, resulting in an Orwellian outcome in which they revised reality even as it occurred and stated absolute falsehoods as truth with impunity. They also collaborated to divert the public's attention from significant issues in American society that are in the proper sphere of government action (including the real reasons for the Iraq war, the deficit, the loss of jobs and health care with the resultant increase in poverty, and the underfunding of public education) by promoting a largely unjustified fear of imminent, widespread terrorist attacks and divisive 'moral issues' such as banning gay marriage. Their coordinated effort to mislead American voters was consistent with the propaganda principles of Joseph Goebbels, fascism's greatest deceiver, including "Propaganda to the home front must create an optimum anxiety level" and "Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred."

Bush's victory was a classic fascist propaganda victory: thus it cannot be denied that America is now a fascist state, and American democracy is no more.
The weather, in other words, is stormy.

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