Saturday, November 06, 2004

Prince of Darkness in World of Hurt 

Via our distinguished colleague Joe Wezorek of American Leftist: Now that an apparent majority of Americans has endorsed the President's war on evil-in-all-its-ragheaded-manifestations, Lt. Col. Gareth Brandl checks in with the encouraging news that U.S. forces have found Satan holed up in Fallujah and expect to take his cloven-hooved, trident-toting ass out any minute now:
"There's a foregone conclusion here: We will take the city back," Brandl, who heads the 1st Battalion of the 8th Marine Regiment, said Friday. "The enemy has got a face — it's called Satan. He's in Fallouja. We're going to destroy it."
However, although Satan's presence has been confirmed, the "foreign fighters" who are supposedly making life miserable for U.S. troops and Fallujans alike have yet to materialize. According to a BBC reporter, "Ninety-nine percent of the fighters here are Fallujans."

In Fallujah, hospital workers clean the floor after receiving fresh causalties.

UPDATE: The capture of Satan, when it happens, is sure to go over big with the base.

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