Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Why Peggy Noonan Feels That Way Watching Bush 

From the item below we learn that we were perhaps premature in spanking the Crown Prince of Zembla for having logged on to HardcoreAnalGrannies.com, in no small part because he seems to have enjoyed the punishment so much. From New Scientist, 11/27-12/3, not yet online:
Pornography, the U.S. Senate was told on 18 October, is a drug more dangerous than crack cocaine. That, at least, was the opinion of some witnesses invited to testify on "the science behind pornography addiction." It's not a view shared by everyone.

Mary Anne Layden, co-director of the sexual trauma and psychopathology programme at the University of Pennsylvania, said unpublished research showed that "even non-sex-addicts will show brain reactions on PET scans while viewing pornography similar to cocaine addicts looking at images of people taking cocaine." Jeffrey Saltinover, a doctor whose website outlines therapies for homosexuals, described porn as a designer drug, delivered efficiently over the internet, which "does what heroin can't do." A third expert witness said there waa an urgent need for research on addiction to "eroto-toxins."

Porn, like sex, can trigger the release of natural opioids, which have a feel-good effect. But Joe Herbert, a neuroscientist at the University of Cambridge and former president of the International Academy of Sex Research, takes issue with the use of the label "eroto-toxins" and the implication that these chemicals are somehow harmful. "What evidence is there for that?" he asks. This is saying sex is naughty and you shouldn't do it." The brain lights up in response to the sight of any reward. To conclude that this means porn can be compared to hard drugs is "complete rubbish," he says.
Our revered colleague Avedon Carol breaks it all down for you here. No. No. Wait! That's the link to the corset site. Avedon Carol actually breaks it all down for you here.

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