Sunday, December 12, 2004

And I Stood in the Wreckage of Those Towers and I Thought: Thank God Bernie Kerik Is Not Czar of Homeland Security 

Dance, little Rudy, dance:
Former Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani had a Christmas dinner at the White House on Sunday night, and he attended with an important goal in mind: to apologize to his host for pushing Bernard B. Kerik as homeland security secretary and then watching as Mr. Kerik's nomination collapsed in legal problems and embarrassed the president of the United States.

That embarrassment has put a new strain on a mutually beneficial relationship that has always been more complicated than mere friendship . . . .

"Even though there was never a conversation about it, I realize that one of the reasons they did it was because of my confidence in Bernie over the years," he said. "And I feel like maybe I should have involved myself more in it."

Mr. Giuliani added that he did not think the situation would hurt his relationship with President Bush or the White House. "It doesn't and shouldn't affect my feelings toward them, and I don't think it will affect their feelings toward me," he said. "We're friends."

The view at the White House is somewhat different.
No word yet as to whether "strain" has developed between the President and his nominee for the post of Attorney General, Alberto Gonzalez, who vetted the mobbed-up, employee-harrassing, IRS-stiffing, bribe-sucking, love-child-abandoning Kerik and pronounced him good to go.

CORRECTION (via Atrios): In the post immediately above we mistakenly referred to the erstwhile Homeland Security Chief-to-be as "the mobbed-up, employee-harrassing, IRS-stiffing, bribe-sucking, love-child-abandoning Kerik." The text should have read "the mobbed-up, employee-harrassing, IRS-stiffing, bribe-sucking, love-child-abandoning, multiple-mistress-banging Kerik." We regret the error.

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