Thursday, December 30, 2004

Doing the Doable 

Our esteemed colleague Chuck Dupree of Bad Attitudes and Belisarius, riffing on Emmanuel Todd, has proposed a pretty tasty "Platform for a Party of the Left," based on a handful of simple propositions:Sounds kinda socialist, you say? Tough grid, Mac, replies Chuck (channeling Porgy Firebiter). He closes with a quote from Ron Daniels:
The Democratic Party should advocate a program of basic rights, like the one enjoyed by many social democratic countries in Europe. Americans really feel that they have the best standard of living in the world. They don’t, but they don’t know they don’t. Virtually every nation in Western Europe has universal health care. In Sweden, Norway, and Holland, the social benefits are so generous that poverty has practically been eliminated. Wages in most European countries now outpace wages in the United States.
The platform is a work in progress, so read it and leave comments.

UPDATE (via the inimitable Avedon Carol): On a related note, our distinguished colleague Chas. Dodgson of Through the Looking Glass observes that the Democrats lost by pursuing the swing voter, while the Republicans won by mobilizing their base.

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