Thursday, December 16, 2004

How We Bellied Up to the BARBARian Bar 

Many thanks to our esteemed colleague Scaramouche for organizing and hosting the Second Occasional Bay Area Resident Bloggers & Readers BARBARian Bash, at which it was our great honor to meet several of our distinguished blogging compatriots and at least one savvy reader named Ryan who is thinking of starting a blog as soon as he rustles up the dough for the Blogspot security deposit. As a result, our list of esteemed colleagues has grown considerably overnight, and we are happy to report that the fine fellows whose acquaintance we made (oddly, there were no women at the table, nor any who approached it in even a tentative way despite our amusing gestures and vigorous comic pantomime) are, on the whole, a colorful, fascinating, two-fisted, and hard-drinking, if insufficiently laconic, lot. The evening, in fact, was so full of beer and bonhomie that we scarcely even noticed, much less minded, when the Bay Area Warbloggers (who had been attending their own holiday shindig at the S&M bar down the street) saw us emerging and rolled us in a nearby alley.

If you direct your gaze slightly leftward, you will find our new friends listed under the heading "BARBs." Send them some traffic, for the King thirsted, and they bought him beer.

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