Saturday, December 04, 2004

Like a Dolt from the Blue 

Courtesy of Champollion at Rising Hegemon: You will want to change into older clothes, kneel, and situate your head above a large, sturdy bucket before reading the following:
The roar of Air Force One and a tip of its wing over the playing field signaled President Bush's arrival Saturday at the Army-Navy football game, a matchup steeped in tradition and shadowed today by the war in Iraq.

Asked on the field who he thought would win the game, Bush said: "The United States of America."

A devoted sports fan, Bush made a triumphant entrance to the 105th contest in the series when his plane swooped over Lincoln Financial Field before landing nearby. Bush took his seat on the Army side to start the game, with injured soldiers on next him. At halftime, he moved to the Navy's side.

When the president entered the Navy locker room before the game, three jerseys were hanging over the doorway in remembrance of former players killed while serving in Iraq — Ron Winchester, J.P. Blecksmith and Scott Zellem . . . .

The coin that Bush tossed to start the game — tails, for Navy — was from the Iraqi city of Fallujah. Players from both teams wore patches to honor their fellow servicemen.
Where to begin, O Lord? Where to begin??

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