Thursday, December 16, 2004

The Next Time Your Boss Catches You Reading King of Zembla . . . 

. . . just refer him to your personal injury attorney:
The pressure of meeting a work deadline can produce a sixfold increase in the risk of suffering a heart attack over the course of the following day. And competition at work could double the ongoing risk, according to a new study.

Previous research has shown that intense anger, sexual activity and emotional stress can all lead to heart attacks. But this is the first time having an intense work deadline has been singled out as a trigger for heart attack over such a short timescale . . . .

The study questioned nearly 1400 heart attack survivors from the Stockholm area, aged 45 to 70, about the period leading up to their first heart attack. They were compared with a control group of about 1700 people who had not had a heart attack.

The volunteers were asked questions about their work over the last year and over the days immediately before their heart attack. The questions included whether they had been criticised for their performance or lateness, been promoted or laid off, faced a high-pressure deadline at work, changed their workplace and whether their financial situation had changed.

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