Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Not Quite What Irving Berlin Had in Mind 

Courtesy of our esteemed colleague Bernard Rooney at Geoist: In London, the white-supremacist British National Party committed a holiday faux pas by hiring a black DJ for its annual Christmas party:
Official Bob Garner said: "There was a bit of a cock-up. The chap who booked him didn't realise. The DJ sounded white on the phone" . . . .

Some members of the far right group were so outraged by the blunder they walked out of the hotel where their party was staged.

And those that stayed had to keep their bigoted beliefs secret instead of parading them in end of year speeches.

"Traditionally someone stands and says what's happened in the year or in the elections. But it was a bit difficult to say we were even the BNP. We even had to be careful what we said when we did the raffle so we didn't offend this guy" . . . .

Labour MP Martin Salter said last night: "This just shows they'll never be a legitimate political party."

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