Saturday, December 04, 2004

Swing State 

Keith "Bloggermann" Olbermann with the latest dirt from Ohio:
But of all the developments out of Ohio, the most provocative, clearly, is still stalled under the weight of its own paperwork. The Alliance for Democracy is not quite ready with its challenge to the vote yet. Lawyer Cliff Arnebeck, with who else but Reverend Jackson by his side today on the steps of the Ohio Supreme Court, said that the group hopes to file its election challenge tomorrow — if not, Monday — but it’s not guaranteeing anything.

If and when it gets around to it, the Alliance will be asking one high court justice to set the election results aside, pending a full investigation and hearing. Arnebeck said today he believes that if all ballots were counted in what he calls a "traditional context,” the outcome would not just swing from President Bush’s 130,000 vote election night lead — it would swing all the way in the opposite direction, and give Kerry a 130,000 vote lead.

“Once we file the litigation.” Arnebeck added, “aggressive discovery will proceed, and we'll get to the truth. I want to reemphasize once again as we did at the previous press conference that the purpose here is not partisan, the purpose here is not destructive toward anyone and we invite all candidates, we invite the Bush campaign and the Kerry campaign to join and cooperate in a non-partisan effort to find the truth, gather the facts, and assure the public, and assure both candidates, that this is an honest election."

Arnebeck sounded a little like a protestor in Kiev: "Our presidential election affects not just this country but all the citizens of the world. And therefore it's absolutely essential that the person who assumes the mantle of that office has the full confidence of our public and the world community that it was an honest election.”

Our venerated colleague Avedon Carol has tracked down a C-SPAN interview in which Arnebeck claims to have evidence that some 65,000 Kerry votes were counted for Bush in southern Ohio. You can watch it by going to www.cspan.org, selecting "Recent Programs" and clicking on "Washington Journal Entire Program (12/02/04)," or you can copy this link directly into RealPlayer. The Arnebeck segment is roughly 34 minutes into the show; stick around long enough to hear the National Guardsman who phones in to threaten him, live, on the air.

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