Sunday, December 26, 2004

Vice President Cheney Deeply Resents the Characterization 

Courtesy of our revered colleague Susan Madrak at Suburban Guerrilla: Someone find this guy a job in the private sector now. As a Christmas present to the troops, Honest Don Rumsfeld flew to Iraq to do a little speechifying, and CNN caught him in full blurt mode:
And I think all of us have a sense if we imagine the kind of world we would face if the people who bombed the mess hall in Mosul, or the people who did the bombing in Spain, or the people who attacked the United States in New York, shot down the plane over Pennsylvania and attacked the Pentagon, the people who cut off peoples' heads on television to intimidate, to frighten -- indeed the word "terrorized" is just that. Its purpose is to terrorize, to alter behavior, to make people be something other than that which they want to be.

And that is exactly what we cannot allow to happen.

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