Monday, December 06, 2004

Where Do They Get Their Ideas? 

We are deeply relieved to inform you that government-sponsored black ops of the sort described below would be unimaginable here in the U.S., where vote fraud works. From the Independent, courtesy of K.Z., the hardest-working patriot in Zembla:
Ukraine's embattled government is ready to stage faked terrorist attacks to destabilise the country and discredit the opposition ahead of a rerun of the presidential vote, a senior government source has told The Independent.

The official, who works for the government of the Moscow-backed candidate and current Prime Minister Viktor Yanukovych, said: "One of the plans is to blow up a pipeline and blame it on opposition supporters. Ukraine is the key transit country for Russian gas supplies to the West."

Mr Yanukovych's backers fear the prospect of their candidate losing to Viktor Yushchenko and are ready to plunge the country into economic chaos, the source revealed. "They are planning to use criminals - plain bandits - that they have a hold over." The source said that a senior member of the government had been tasked with overseeing terrorist acts.

A fortnight of peaceful demonstrations by supporters of Mr Yushchenko have brought the capital, Kiev, and other cities to a standstill. They accused the government of massive electoral fraud in a presidential election on 21 November. The opposition claims were backed up by Western governments and election monitors who reported that intimidation, bribery and falsification were used to hand victory to Mr Yanukovych.
UPDATE: We are indebted to our esteemed colleague Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog for noticing that oppostion candidate Viktor Yushchenko's campaign platform included a promise to accelerate the withdrawal of Ukranian troops from Iraq.

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