Thursday, January 27, 2005

The Coming of the Vertebrates 

Via Liberal Oasis (and our astute colleague Avedon Carol), an article from yesterday's L.A. Times suggesting that the Senate Democrats may have gone easy on Condi Rice because they have bigger game in their sights:
However, Senate Democratic leaders did not attempt to rally their ranks to reject Rice. Instead, the Democratic leadership reserved its political capital for a stand against President Bush's nominee for attorney general, Alberto R. Gonzales.

"Frankly, there is much more angst over Gonzales, and there comes a practical choice: Having been [branded] an obstructionist party for so long, do you lead with Rice … or do you take on a candidate who is more problematic?" one staffer said.

The Senate Judiciary Committee is expected to vote on the Gonzales nomination today, and a close vote could lead to more widespread Democratic opposition when the full Senate votes, probably next week.
The Judiciary Committee vote, as you know, broke 10-8 along party lines. Rice, by the way, becomes "the first Secretary of State not to win unanimous confirmation since 1981, when six senators voted against the nomination of Alexander M. Haig."

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