Saturday, January 01, 2005

Double Your Donation 

The death toll from the Indian Ocean tsunami is at 126,000 and rising. You have read by now that President Ebenezer Scrooge, himself engulfed in a tsunami of global contempt, yesterday boosted his original parsimonious offer of $15 million in U.S. aid to a less humiliating $350 million -- still well shy of Japan's promised $500 million, and barely a patch on the $13.6 billion Bush scrounged up for Florida following the summer '04 hurricanes. ($21 million of that sum went to Miami-Dade County, which suffered no visible storm damage. It should be noted in Mr. Bush's defense, however, that unlike the Sunshine State, Indonesia has no electoral votes.)

As usual, the President is urging the private sector to do what his administration won't -- “It’s very important for Americans who want to give to provide cash to organizations that will be able to focus resources and assets to meet specific needs” -- and, as usual, Americans are coming through. If you are able to contribute to the relief effort, please take note of an unusual offer brought to our attention by William Gibson. From now until January 11th, the Canadian government has agreed to match, on a dollar-for-dollar basis, all donations made to the following agencies:Yes, you heard us: by donating through a Canadian relief agency, you can effectively double your contribution. Hats off to our northern neighbors for this remarkable act of generosity (and thanks, as always, to our indefatigable colleague Avedon Carol for the tip.)

UPDATE (1/2): Ahhrrrghh! We knew it was too good to be true. Avedon reports in the comments below that, according to an update at Bill Gibson's site, the Canadian offer applies only to Canadians. Zemblan-Canadians, please donate freely, and accept our apologies for attempting to increase your tax burden by sending a stampede of foreign charitable traffic your way (although we're sure you could have covered the matching grants by dismantling that costly and inefficient universal heathcare system of yours, which has always struck us as just a bit -- may we be frank here? -- socialistic).

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