Tuesday, January 04, 2005


Incipient media behemoth Al Gore is looking for resumes:
Little is publicly known about the cable news network planned by almost-president Al Gore except that it will be called INdTV (say it like "indie"), aims to wow the youth market, has set up shop in San Francisco and is supposed to launch this year. But what kind of shows will it carry?

We've received a glimpse of some of the programming envisioned by INdTV execs, who just sent out an e-mail to prospective "digital correspondents," seeking edgy video submissions to serve as pilots. Gore's programming gurus say they hope to "democratize television" by relying on Generation Y contributors and "real-life video." An insider cautioned us yesterday that the e-mail represents just a sliver of the conceptual pie, but the potential must-see lineup includes:

  • That's F*&#ed Up: Is there something unfathomable going on around the corner or down the street? Some state of affairs that just doesn't make sense? You can rant all you want -- it just better be good TV.

  • INdTV Paparazzi: Get someone famous to opine on something substantive. ('Hey Paris -- what did you think of Rumsfeld's quote on the armored Humvee shortage in Iraq?') Or, ask a serious figure about something not-so-substantive [no offense to INdTV, but we think Ali G got there first -- S.]. Note: Don't be a stalker . . . .

  • State of the Union: Give us your wisest, most irreverent State of the Union address. We're talking improvised podium, pomp, politics, personality and, of course, most importantly: sound bites.
The item above curiously omits to mention our own proposal, Pitchers at Eleven, in which a rotating group of Bay Area Resident Bloggers (that is to say, the ones who are not already out back heaving in the alley) convene at a local tavern to drink beer, discuss the events of the day, and wonder aloud why -- apart from obvious issues of hygiene -- we do not all run for public office. (Note to our good friend Al: If the budget is tight at first, we are willing to drink the cheap stuff, as long as there's plenty of it.)

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