Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Lucky to Live in Lynneworld 

Our venerated colleague Michael Miller of Public Domain Progress is plainly spending too much time at the website of the Christian Broadcasting Network, where he found the following interview with the author of Sisters, pioneering pioneer-lesbian novelist Lynne Cheney. Ms. Cheney's latest novel for young people, When Washington Crossed the Delaware, is by all accounts woefully short on the lubricious girl-on-girl doughnut-bumping action that distinguished earlier works in her oeuvre, especially the ones that have inexplicably vanished from her official White House bio:
And she draws parallels from the founding fathers to the current Commander-in-Chief. "I think it's important for all of us to understand that freedom isn't inevitable,” said Cheney, “that in the beginning it had to be fought for. And we're still defending it today as we watch brave men and women fight in Afghanistan and Iraq" . . . .

Cheney recently had the task of hitting the campaign trail with the vice president. Across the country, she heard parents' concerns about the coarsening of culture, and critics’ complaints about all that is wrong with America.

"There's a lot of negative cast thrown at our country,” said Cheney, “the Michael Moore films, for example, and I found myself worrying, during the course of the campaign, that this would have an impact -- that people would really believe this is not a great nation. But you know, the American people are incredibly smart, and it was very heartening to see
so many reject that way of thinking."

"There's also just a remarkable faith in the greatness of America, and in our ability to overcome in the challenges we face now -- for example, in the war on terror. There is a great pride that exists everywhere in being American -- a great realization of how lucky we are to live at this particular moment in history."

Cheney's own history with the vice president dates back to Casper, Wyoming, when Dick Cheney was
just 14 [as you can see from the photo, he is well over 14 now -- S.].

"I've known him,” said Cheney, “since he was building power lines across the West to pay his way through college."

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