Monday, January 31, 2005

Mmmmm. Dip! 

Via Zemblan patriot B.K.: USA Today reports on a University of Connecticut survey which indicates, disturbingly, that two-thirds of American high school students have yet to get with the program:
One in three U.S. high school students say the press ought to be more restricted, and even more say the government should approve newspaper stories before readers see them, according to a survey being released today.

The survey of 112,003 students finds that 36% believe newspapers should get "government approval" of stories before publishing; 51% say they should be able to publish freely; 13% have no opinion.

Asked whether the press enjoys "too much freedom," not enough or about the right amount, 32% say "too much," and 37% say it has the right amount. Ten percent say it has too little.

The findings aren't surprising to Jack Dvorak, director of the High School Journalism Institute at Indiana University in Bloomington. "Even professional journalists are often unaware of a lot of the freedoms that might be associated with the First Amendment," he says.
We were highly intrigued by that last assertion; after all, how can high school students be expected to develop a healthy respect for the principles that animate the First Amendment unless they see professional journalists converting thos principles into action? No doubt Mr. Dvorak had more to say, and we fully intended to finish reading the article, but just then we were distracted by a colorful graphic that called out to us from the front page of the website:

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