Friday, January 28, 2005

Thank God No One Showed Him a Frozen Custard 

Cheney at Auschwitz:
Other leaders at the event in Poland on Thursday marking the 60th anniversary of the death camp's liberation, such as French President Jacques Chirac and Russian President Vladimir Putin, wore dark, formal overcoats and dress shoes or boots.

Between the somber, dark-coated leaders at the outdoor ceremony sat Cheney, resplendent in a green parka embroidered with his name and featuring a fur-trimmed hood, the laced brown boots and a knit ski cap reading "Staff 2001."

"The vice president, however, was dressed in the kind of attire one typically wears to operate a snow blower," Robin Givhan, The Washington Post's fashion writer, wrote in the newspaper's Friday editions.

Did any members of the fault-finding liberal media think to ask whether the Vice President of the world's only superpower had been operating a snow blower, as a courtesy to the other world leaders in attendance?

We think you know the answer. Of course not.

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