Sunday, January 30, 2005

You Have the Right to Remain Silent 

Courtesy of our distinguished colleague Rorschach at No Capital: In a shameless bid to usurp Virginia's title as birthplace of dim, benighted legislation, an Ohio state senator has introduced an "academic bill of rights for higher education" that would liberate liberal professors from the opportunity to inculcate their highfalutin liberal claptrap in the weak minds of Ohio's naturally malleable youth:
Marion Sen. Larry A. Mumper’s "academic bill of rights for higher education" would prohibit instructors at public or private universities from "persistently" discussing controversial issues in class or from using their classes to push political, ideological, religious or anti-religious views.

Senate Bill 24 also would prohibit professors from discriminating against students based on their beliefs and keep universities from hiring, firing, promoting or giving tenure to instructors based on their beliefs.

Mumper, a Republican, said many professors undermine the values of their students because "80 percent or so of them (professors) are Democrats, liberals or socialists or card-carrying Communists" who attempt to indoctrinate students.
Which means, we guess, that the other 20% are Republicans, reactionaries or fascists or sheet-wearing Klansmen?
The language of Mumper’s bill comes from a 2003 booklet by conservative commentator David Horowitz that lays out how students can persuade universities to adopt the "bill of rights." The booklet says it is "dedicated to restoring academic freedom and educational values to America’s institutions of higher learning."
Oh, dear, we seem to have spoken out of turn (again). For the record: we did not mean to suggest any connection between Republicans, reactionaries, fascists or Klansmen and conservative commentator David Horowitz, and we sincerely apologize to those groups for any such inference our readers may have drawn.

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