Tuesday, February 08, 2005

The Same Old Burr in the Republican Saddle 

Who said it?
The argument for dramatic change in Social Security is clear:

The promise of secure retirements is a "hoax." Taxes paid by workers are "wasted" by the government rather than prudently invested. And "the so-called reserve fund ... is no reserve at all" because it contains nothing but government IOUs.
A) George W. Bush, 2005
B) Ronald Reagan, 1984
C) George W. Bush, 1978
D) Barry Goldwater, 1964
E) Alf Landon, 1936

Answer here. (Just by the bye, you may be interested to know that the Cato Institute has been planning the current push to dismantle Social Security for at least a quarter-century.) (And thanks to Zemblan patriot J.M. for the link.)

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