Thursday, February 03, 2005

Un-demonizing Dean 

Our distinguished colleague Hesiod (formerly of Counterspin Central) has popped up at The American Street with a post entitled "Howard Dean Isn't a Liberal":
What “radical leftist” positions does Dean actually hold anyway? The only two that are generally cited are his support for Civil Unions (not Gay marriage) and his opposition to the war in Iraq.

Neither one of those positions is a “radical” one, let alone a “leftist” one.

Take the war in Iraq, for example. A quick perusal of Pollingreport.com shows that in almost every single poll taken about the war in January, the American people were actually in
much greater agreement with Howard Dean on the war than they were with George W. Bush . . . .

As for Howard Dean’s support for Civil Unions, it need only be pointed out that none other than George W. Bush came out just before the election in an interview with Charlie Gibson saying that he believed states
had the right to pass civil unions laws if they wanted to!

For some reason, this little tidbit didn’t get much coverage.

While it is helpful to point out that Howard Dean is well within the mainstream (or even in the majority) on these two issues, it is also necessary to explain that until he decided to run for President, Howard Dean was mostly known for creating a
state health insurance program in Vermont, and being a fiscally conservative, pro-business, low tax DLC governor.
Commenter eRobin points out that as a governor, Dean was a darling of the DNC. "He’s very liberal when it comes to decentralizing the real power in the Party. That scares Dems more than it does the GOP and not because they think it will mean lost elections."

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