Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Omelet 

What cruel prankster stuck Kingsley Amis in the imperial Easter basket?
Should you revisit us,
Stay a little longer,
And get to know the place.
Experience hunger,
Madness, disease and war.
You heard about them, true,
The last time you came here;
It's different having them.
And what about a go
At love, marriage, children?
All good, but bringing some
Risk of remorse and pain
And fear of an odd sort:
A sort one should, again,
Feel, not just hear about,
To be qualified as
A human-race expert.
On local life, we trust
The resident witness,
Not the royal tourist.

People have suffered worse
And more durable wrongs
Than you did on that cross
(I know -- you won't get me
Up on one of those things),
Without sure prospect of
Ascending as good as new
On the third day, without
'I die, but man shall live'
As a nice cheering thought.
So next time, come off it,
And get some service in,
Jack, long before you start
Laying down the old law:
If you still want to then.
Tell your dad that from me.
"New Approach Needed," from Kingsley Amis: Collected Poems 1944-1979, ©1979 by Kingsley Amis. All rights reserved.

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