Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Exegesis, Please 

We are going to require a little help to interpret the highlighted passage in the following excerpt from a Baltimore Sun story on rapidly-plummeting public support for Mr. Bush's plan to privatize Social Security:
Some lawmakers are discussing compromises that only vaguely resemble Bush's proposal, such as creating government-funded personal retirement accounts outside of Social Security. Such "add-on" accounts, which enjoy support among some Republicans, including Rep. Clay Shaw of Florida, are appealing to Democrats because they would leave Social Security's structure intact while enhancing benefits for future generations of workers.

Others, including a smattering of Democrats such as Sens. Ben Nelson of Nebraska and Thomas R. Carper of Delaware, have been quietly attending meetings convened by Sen. Lindsey O. Graham, a South Carolina Republican who is trying to forge a bipartisan deal on the issue.

The group has discussed ways of sweetening personal retirement accounts to make them less risky and more palatable to Democrats, such as by targeting them to lower-income people or by finding a way to guarantee that benefits would never fall below a certain level.
Say whaaa-a-a-aaa??

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