Friday, March 11, 2005

Frist Got Next? 

Josh Marshall has the dirt on Republican operative Chuck McGee's conviction yesterday for jamming Democratic phone banks on Election Day 2002. The interesting rumor:
We hear that those involved in the phone-jamming scam are now claiming that the plan was aired with NRSC personnel in Washington in advance. If any of the key players are willing to testify to that effect when Tobin goes on trial later this year it could quickly open up a Washington dimension to this story.
The Washington dimension: what did Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist know, and when did he know it?

UPDATE: Thanks to Zemblan patriot Strident Complainer for catching our imperial blooper in comments below. Owing to the lingering effects of a sharp blow to the head in infancy, we had originally misidentified Frist as Speaker of the House. We deeply regret the error, mainly because we would not want to move a known kittycat-killer any higher in the chain of succession.

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