Thursday, March 10, 2005

Single Bullet Theory 

Just as the miracle of colonoscopy allows us to survey the contents of our own bowels, the miracle of the internets allows us to survey the contents of the heads of the denizens of Free Republic. Although we seldom venture into those rarefied precincts -- forced to choose between the two, we would jump at the colonoscopy -- we thought we should report on our latest excursion, during which we discovered that, apart from the predictable commentary on the Sgrena shooting ("Dago commie bitch had it coming," "they should've finished her off," etc.), certain of the Freepers are promoting a novel theory: that Italian secret service agent Nicola Calipari died not from American fire, but from a single shot, fired at close range from a handgun that was probably in the back seat of the car.

Start here and scroll down.

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