Monday, March 07, 2005

The Spirit of Bipartisan Cooperation 

Our distinguished colleague Richard Cranium of the All Spin Zone noticed that the results of an online Social Security poll had mysteriously disappeared from the website of Sen. Rick Santorum (R - PA).

Luckily, Democratic challenger Chuck Pennacchio had the foresight to do a screen-capture of the poll graphic shortly before it vanished from Santorum's site, and was thoughtful enough to post it on his own. Of course we are all at the mercy of unpredicatble computer glitches, but thanks to Mr. Pennacchio's quick-witted action, Santorum's data will not be lost; if the Senator needs to be reminded of what his constituents felt about Mr. Bush's plan to divert payroll taxes into private -- excuse us, personal -- accounts, he has only to visit www.Chuck2006.com and examine the graphic we have reproduced immediately to the right.

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