Sunday, March 06, 2005


Remember Patrick Fitzgerald's other case -- the investigation into whether Bush administration officials were feeding classified information to members of AIPAC, who then passed it along to Israel? David Corn reports that no fewer than six Bushites have recently lawyered up, and according to one of them, the case is about to blow wide open.

We got quite excited for a minute or two until we scrolled through the comments section and saw reader Gare's comprehensive list of major Bush scandals that were about to blow wide open, but never quite did:
Florida Supreme Court stolen election 2000-gate
No-WMDs gate
Mercury in the air gate
March 2001 Recession gate
tax cuts to the rich gate
Bush knew about 9/11 gate (slightly different than the O'Neill book)
Schoolbook gate (i.e., Bush did nothing after 9/11 gate)
Arsenic in the water-gate
DUI gate
Uncle Bucky Bush's war profiteering gate
Laura Bush's fatal accident gate
Bush did Cocaine gate
Secret energy task force gate
Chaney duck hunting gate
Medicare gate
Abu Ghraib gate
Guantanamo gate
Kenny boy gate
Bankrupt over 200 businesses as CEO gate
Trade Sammy Sosa gate
Always on vacation gate
Patriot Act taking away our freedoms gate
Can't find OBL gate
Ground Zero unsafe air gate
Body armor gate
Cutting veteran's benefits gate
Controlled by the Religious right gate
Pipeline through Afghanistan gate
War for oil gate
Enron gate
Air National Guard service ('non-service')-gate
Jim "Guckert" Gannon-gate
Richard Clarke's book
Paul O'Neill's book
Kitty Kelley's book
Ohio-Diebold stolen election 2004-gate
In mid-2001, when his popularity was plummeting, we were given to describing Mr. Bush as Reagan without the Teflon. Little did we dream . . . .

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