Thursday, April 07, 2005

Don't These Assholes Read King of Zembla? 

Much weeping and gnashing of teeth among the willfully ignorant:
The CIA and members of Congress said they want to know how a presidential commission unearthed details on intelligence failures about Iraq's prewar weapons programs that previous investigations missed.

Of particular interest is information that emerged in last week's report about how doubts were handled regarding a leading source on Saddam Hussein's alleged mobile biological weapons labs - an Iraqi scientist who defected to Germany, code named ``Curveball.''

Porter Goss, who became CIA director last September, has instructed officials to determine what happened and why the details did not come to light earlier, said his spokeswoman, Jennifer Millerwise.

``It was an unhappy surprise to the director that his first understanding of this issue was when he first read'' the commission's report, Millerwise said Wednesday.

Senate Intelligence Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., also acknowledged President Bush's intelligence commission had details that did not emerge during his committee's yearlong investigation into the Iraq assessments, released last July . . . .

When asked how the new investigation got more detail, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., and a commission member, said that the panel conducted numerous long interviews. ``We did not come up with that information early,'' McCain said of the information on Curveball . . . .

[Ex-CIA director George] Tenet also said it was ``stunning and deeply disturbing that this information, if true, was never brought forward to me by anyone'' when the Iraq intelligence was scrutinized.
Return with us now to the Zemblan archives for Sunday, March 28, 2004 -- and marvel at the restraint of our high-ranking officials, all of whom managed to postpone their astonishment for one full year (during which time, in a completely unrelated development, the presidential election came and went).

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