Thursday, April 07, 2005

The Gift of Life 

Courtesy of our esteemed colleagues at the Carpetbagger Report: A Bible lesson from Gov. Bill Owens of Colorado, who reminds us that, whatever the petty whims of the egg-bearer, it is God's holy will for all jiz, even rapist jiz, to bring forth fruit:
Republican Gov. Bill Owens yesterday vetoed a bill that would have forced hospitals to tell rape victims about emergency contraception, saying it would have crossed the line by forcing church-backed institutions to violate their own ethics guidelines.

"This bill would violate fundamental constitutional principles by forcing an institution to say things to patients that it explicitly does not believe to be morally or ethically valid," said Owens, a Roman Catholic who has campaigned on conservative values . . . .

Owens said it did not provide victims with balanced information needed to make a deeply personal decision about emergency contraception and it did not protect the right of institutions to decline to provide treatment that violated the institution's moral values.

Timothy Dore, executive director of the Colorado Catholic Conference, said lawmakers had no business telling church hospitals they had to refer rape victims to clinics that would provide a morning-after pill.

"That was a cooperation with evil we could not tolerate," he said.

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