Thursday, April 21, 2005

None of Your Business, Pt. III 

Laura Rozen of War and Piece does not yet know who is blocking the release of the John Bolton NSA intercepts to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee -- could be the NSA, could be the State Department -- but she may have uncovered the motive:
Meantime, someone close to the investigation suggested that the 10 NSA intercepts Bolton demanded he be given with the identity of the redacted US persons revealed is an enormously interesting subject. "Bolton was running his own counterintelligence operation, was using the intelligence to figure out how he can get back at people." That would be against US officials. In the tradition of J. Edgar Hoover. I doubt this is behavior even Republican Senators are going to consider legitimate or tolerable, when they learn the details. Is this not an illegitimate, illegal and highly improper use of US signals intelligence, for a US official to spy on other US officials he doesn't trust?

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