Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Our Terrorist 

Our esteemed colleague Eli at Left I on the News notes that Cuban terrorist Luis Posada Carilles, who masterminded (with Orlando Bosch) the 1976 bombing of a Cubana Airlines jet in which 73 passengers died, has slipped into Florida and is petitioning the U.S. government for asylum.

The U.S. government will no doubt come through, because Posada Carilles -- nicknamed "Bambi" -- is by all accounts a longtime CIA asset. He got his start as an explosives expert in the botched Bay of Pigs operation; moved on to the Cubana Airlines job, which landed him in a Venezuelan jail; escaped, as did Bosch, under mysterious circumstances -- allegedly through the intervention of then-ambassador Otto Reich, now Special Envoy to the Western Hemisphere for the Secretary of State; relocated to El Salvador, where he went to work for Felix Rodriguez, running guns to the Contras from a secret air base established by Col. Oliver North; organized the bombings of Cuban hotels in 1997, killing one, wounding eleven; and was convicted in a Panamanian court five years ago of conspiring to assassinate Fidel Castro. (Background details on Posada Carilles's exploits can be found here and here.)

Here's the Cuban reaction to the Miami Herald story linked above:
The president of the Councils of State and Ministries reminded the US president of the latter’s comment on August 26, 2003, when Bush affirmed that he was sending a message that could be understood by the whole world: if someone protects a terrorist, if someone feeds a terrorist, then that person is just as guilty as the terrorists.
Unless, that is, feeding the terrorist buys Jeb Bush a few extra votes from Miami's rabidly anti-Castro Cuban exile community.

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