Tuesday, April 19, 2005

The Perks That Keep on Perking 

An e-mail alert from U.S. News Bulletin, forwarded by Zemblan patriot J.D.:
[U]p to 60 House members, mostly Republicans, are believed to be on what could be a highly embarrassing list of free or discounted dinners and fundraisers at Signatures Restaurant, opened by troubled Indian lobbyist Jack Abramoff. Several members' offices contacted by reporters over the past four days have also been told that the purported list includes an accounting of who used Abramoff's sports boxes, possibly in violation of House ethics rules. "We were told that they are looking at fundraisers" at the Washington restaurant and in the sports box, a House Republican aide tells US News Bulletin. No Republican contacted by US News Bulletin has been shown the list. But they said reporters have been contacting those on it. Several Republicans have used the venues for fundraisers. In question is whether they properly paid for the use of the restaurant or received special discounts from the onetime top GOP lobbyist. Some members' offices have also been asked about their dinner and bar tabs at Signatures. A Republican aide tells US News Bulletin, "It's going to get nasty up here if this stuff comes out."
UPDATE (via Wonkette): Speaker of the House Denny Hastert has finally asked for the check.

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