Saturday, April 23, 2005

Well Done, Thou Good and Faithful Servants 

When we were humble:
"It's a matter that reflects badly on my country," Bush told Al-Arabiya. "Our citizens in America are appalled by what they saw, just like people in the Middle East are appalled. We share the same deep concerns. And we will find the truth; we will fully investigate. The world will see the investigation and justice will be served" . . . .

"We're a society that is willing to investigate, fully investigate in this case, what took place in that prison," Bush told Al-Hurra. "That stands in stark contrast to life under Saddam Hussein. His trained torturers were never brought to justice under his regime. There were no investigations about the mistreatment of people."
But now a year has passed, and as Mr. Bush so memorably explained, we already had an accountability moment:
An Army inspector general's report has cleared senior Army officers of wrongdoing in the abuse of military prisoners in Iraq and elsewhere, government officials familiar with the findings said yesterday.

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