Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Frist Skedaddles 

Via Zemblan patriot J.M.: Bill Frist appears to have gotten a seven-minute jump on his colleagues last night:
The U.S. Senate recessed for a brief period Monday night after a Canadian-registered plane entered Washington's restricted airspace, two weeks after another airplane caused emergency evacuations of the White House and Capitol . . . .

There was no evacuation Monday. The private Cessna was intercepted by military jets and later landed in Gaithersburg, Md., north of the capital, the Transportation Security Administration said.

At the Capitol, where senators were heading into a debate over filibusters and judicial nominations, Republican Leader Bill Frist called for a recess just after 6 p.m. EDT and left the chamber. Others present did not leave.

Seven minutes later, Capitol Police sent out an e-mail reading: “An unidentified aircraft violated the restricted airspace and was escorted out of the area.”

Soon after, debate resumed.

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